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Picture of Ernest Walton

Ernest Walton (1903-1995)

Welcome to the Ernest Walton Society.

Our aim is to advertise, record and disseminate the contribution that Ireland has made to the Scientific method, from Robert Boyle (1627 - 1691) to the present day.

The Society is named after Ireland's sole Nobel Laureate in the Sciences, Ernest Walton, who shared the 1951 Nobel Prize in Physics with John Cockcroft for their work demonstrating that a lithium atom could be split into two α particles (helium nuclei) and energy, by bombarding it with protons.

This was not only the first demonstration that one atom could be transmuted into another, but was also the first experimental verification of Einstein's famous equation, e = mc².

This discovery, of course, was to have enormous consequences for the history of the 20th century.

It directly lead to the discovery of nuclear fission by Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner in 1939, to the development of the atomic bomb in 1945, and to the development of nuclear power.

Philosophy of the Society

Picture of Walton, Rutherford and Cockcroft

Walton, Ernest Rutherford and Cockcroft,

soon after their success in splitting the

atom. (About 1933).

We wish to record Ireland's contribution to the scientific method in the most general way possible, and to put that contribution in a historical perspective. Thus

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Erwin Schrödinger


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